Final Fighters NFTs 300+ unique trait creation – Behind the scenes

10,000 unique characters with diverse attributes were created using sophisticated computer algorithms recorded on the Polygon blockchain. More than 350 layers were sewn together and pushed through the machine, each one meticulously assembled and hand-drawn. The line between art and code was questioned, bent, and finally broken.

The 10,000 Final Fighters collection avatars are displayed as full-body images, this is the exact character design you will see in a game, no surprises.

Final Fighters NFT design and trait production:

First and foremost, everything was hand-sketched on an old and ripped drawing pad, which is equivalent to sketching with a pen directly on a computer. We completed the line-art (clean-up) of the sketches once we finished it successfully. Of course, we had to establish a basis for the entire trait/accessory and afterward add flat colors to it. Then we had to give shading to all of the flat colors to make the image seem more lively. So when we completed all of this, we needed to organize traits and give them names so that we could create additional color variants, resulting in over 300+ unique traits.

Old and scraped sketchpad, hipster Macbooks, Adobe Photoshop 2020, Clip studio paint EX, Adobe Fresco, and a smidgeon of Procreate have been utilized.