Final Fighters is the first to the blockchain, skill-based “beat them up” genre 3D game on Ethereum. The introduction of the Web3, NFTs, and GameFi created an opportunity to introduce innovative ways to interact with the a real-time Play-to-earn 3D-based fighting game, inspired by 2D Little Fighters 2, a popular game in the year 2000..


Final Fighters is more than just an NFT avatar/character project! It’s a  game designed to bring all competitive gamers together while delivering an in-game economy that rewards players for their combat prowess. The game will be based on the Unity game engine(Unity-script), thus will work on a wide range of devices and platforms. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a mobile device, a PC, or a Mac – you are welcome to be part of the ecosystem.


Your Final Fighter NFT will be utilized as an in-game character to compete against other holders in arena bouts with up to ten players.


Final Fighters will be a Play to Earn game, which means that once you’ve purchased a fighter, you’ll be able to compete in tournaments and arena bouts to earn Final Fighters coin, which you can use to buy more fighters, items/cosmetics, earn passive income or sell for fiat money! 


Our goal is to produce an entertaining game where users may fight with their personal NFTs and earn money using P2E features.

With 2.7 billion players worldwide, the global gaming industry was valued at USD 176 billion in 2020, and it is predicted to reach USD 217.9 billion by 2023, showing a CAGR of 9.4% from 2018 to 2023. The blockchain gaming industry is predicted to expand to $50 billion by 2025, from its current value of $1.6 billion.


According to the data tracker DappRadar, there are currently 398 active blockchain games, defined as having at least one active wallet inside the game in the last 24 hours. That’s a 92 percent rise over the previous year. Over the last year, the total number of blockchain games, including those that are no longer operational, has increased by 71% to 1,179. ‘Play-to-Earn’ has shown a fresh perspective on what players should expect from their gaming experiences, and the rapid rise of early Play-to-Earn gaming experiences reveals that gamers are very interested in how the communities they create should reward them. This tendency is only going to become greater.

These platforms/games are garnering hundreds of thousands of additional visitors in web traffic as individuals hunt for ways to pass the time as a result of worldwide lockdown measures. Consumer interest in video games has increased dramatically, especially among non-traditional populations. Microsoft, Nintendo, Twitch, and Activision have all reported record sales. Microsoft announced in April 2020 that Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix-style subscription program, has surpassed 10 million customers. Microsoft also announced a 130 percent increase in multiplayer activity among those customers in March and April.

Everyone will get the opportunity to compete in the Final Fighters arenas.


 If a player does not have a Final Fighter, a default Fighter with lower stats will be assigned to them (with limited number of abilities). The only change is that the rewards you can receive for default Fighters will be lesser.

• To participate in any game mode, participants must have a minimum of 5 $FFC tokens, which will be used as an entrance charge. Game will hold different level $FFC entries

Free to Play

F2P players can also earn money in our game. F2P players will be given a default Fighter to fight with, and winning arenas will grant them $FFC.

$FFC can be redeemed for a Final Fighter later on. F2P players will not be able to compete in tournaments with higher prize pools than regular arena matches.


There are several ways to earn money from the game:

• By purchasing Final Fighter NFT, you will be able to compete in all arena matches and tournaments.

• Win enough regular arena matches to earn enough $FFC to buy Final Fighter.

P2E Game Modes

Battle Royal Arenas

This is the main game mode where 10 players will be spawned and last one standing wins (Battle royal). Each Fighter will fight for their individual prosperity. Players will be able to join in parties or solo (do not forget everyone will fight for their own sake). You can play in this mode whether you are playing as a Final Fighter or Default Fighter; the only impact is the size of rewards earned. 

Tournaments Only for Holders

Tournaments will be available in 1vs1; 2vs2; 3vs3; 4vs4; 5vs5 formats. In group/team mode you will eligible to join only with pre-made party, no random person can be assigned. You can find party members in our Discord or community forums/chats. Also, you can form a professional team, paying one time fee. Professional esports team, will have its own name and description.

The winners of the match will be decided when one of teams loses all Health Points (HP).

Tournaments will be in default ladder format. After each win Fighters will advance in the ladder till only one left.


5v5 mode will be similar to Arena matches but players will fight in teams of 5 Fighters. Players will be eligible to join random parties and participate in the fights.

The winners of the match will be decided when one of teams loses all Health Points (HP).

Everyone will get a chance to participate, but default Fighters and Final Fighters will have separate lobbies to make it fair and give everyone a chance to win prizes.


In 2v2 mode Fighters will fight in teams of two. In 2v2 players can be matched randomly or enter as a party.

The winners of the match will be decided when one of teams loses all Health Points (HP).

Everyone will get a chance to participate, but default Fighters and Final Fighters will have separate lobbies to make it fair and give everyone a chance to win prizes.


In 1v1 mode Fighters will fight one versus one. Players will be matched randomly.

The winner of the match will be decided when one of players will lose all Health Points (HP).

Everyone will get a chance to participate, but default Fighters and Final Fighters will have separate lobbies to make it fair and give everyone a chance to win prizes.

Monetization through Fights

In the games industry, the Play-to-Earn business model is the most recent innovation. It’s a business model that embraces the idea of an open economy and rewards all players who add value to the game world with financial rewards. It’s likely to introduce new game concepts and retention models to modern gaming that haven’t been seen before.

The advantage of the play-to-earn business model is that a gamer always creates something worth selling. Even if a gamer has to pay to begin playing, the items they have acquired can always be sold again.


Monetization for players’ example: Two fighters participate in 1vs1 battle, both paying $1= 50 $FFC for an entrance fee. In this example 1 $FFC = $0.02.

Winning Fighter takes 100 $FFC = $2

Final Fighters will be taking 0.5% transaction fee from each fight in arenas, matches and tournaments.


Monetization for platform example:  Two fighters participate in 1vs1 battle, both paying $1= 50 $FFC for an entrance fee. In this example 1 $FFC = $0.02.

Let us calculate how much would it be for FF: 100 $FFC x 0.5% = 0.5 $FFC = $0.01 per fight.

Monetization through NFT selling

For players: In a nutshell, sales will create income since newcomers will purchase Final Fighters NFT in order to begin playing the game. Demand will grow with each purchase. Selling Fighter NFT also will reset it’s ranking and statistics. Players will be paid $FFC in exchange for the increased demand of the particular Fighter, or can be sold on external secondary market.


For platform: Later on, all of the purchased NFTs can be sold, including transaction fees and Royalty Fees, providing Final Fighters with an additional revenue source.


NFT royalties give you a percentage of the sale price each time your NFT creation is sold on a marketplace. NFT royalty payments are perpetual and are executed by smart contracts automatically. With most marketplaces, we can choose our royalty percentage. In short, we will be getting 3% royalty fee from every secondary Final Fighters NFT sale.

In-game Advertisements

In-game advertising is a monetization tactic used by game producers to increase the profitability of their games. The game’s designers make money by displaying various advertisements and banners in the game. Currently, 73% of all players feel that existing in-game advertising tactics and models are effective. 


For players: Ad groups integrated into the game loop provide the greatest possible experience for players. We might, for example, provide consumers free in-game material in return for watching or engaging with adverts at specified periods in the game. Having good sponsors in subsequent phases would allow for a $FFC incentive for the engagement. In fact, 71% of gamers say that watching video advertisements is their favourite method of ‘paying’ for in-game content. The remaining 29%, in our opinion, would gladly earn money in exchange for watching a brief, thoughtfully chosen advertising.


For platform: For Final Fighters, there are a variety of advertising models to choose from, all of which may be implemented at any time. A few examples are as follows: Banners that will be visible in arenas at all times, brief video ads before or after the Arena match, and banners that will be implemented and visible during character selection and/or interacting with the UI. Advertisements that are integrated directly into the game loop and complement the in-game economy — in other words, ads that act as a component of the game – perform best and deliver the greatest eCPMs. Ads become a part of the user experience in this way, which can assist increase game or app engagement and retention. Mobile game advertising can yield $50-$100 eCPMs for games with good ad placements.


In-game adverts, when combined with the right game strategy, can increase in-app purchases by 6x. Users get a taste of the in-app purchases you offer and see the worth of in-game items through ad units that act as part of the in-game economy, such as rewarded video commercials for the player. It is a win-win for both sides.

NFT lending

For players: Until now, there have been two ways to make money with NFTs: minting and selling your own and buying and selling NFTs on a digital marketplace. NFT lending, on the other hand, is a novel concept that could allow NFT owners to make money without risking their assets.  This strategy can be implemented in two ways:

• Owners of Final Fighters NFT can lend their NFT to people who can’t or don’t want to buy it right away.

• Current holders would be able to lend their NFT for x amount that the borrower would be responsible for. Smart Contract rules would be used to carry out all transactions. During the borrowing process, the borrower will be required to leave some sort of collateral. The collateral will be kept in the Smart Contract until the transaction is completed.


For platform: Platform creators benefit from a standard transaction fee and increased player base. The lending option will have interest payable, with a portion of the interest going to the Final Fighters game/platform.

NFT Staking

Staking NFTs in Final Fighters allows players to receive rewards in a passive manner without having to sell or transfer ownership of the NFTs. For holding or locking NFTs on the platform, stakers are compensated with $FFC. As a result, the network is protected, and NFT token holders are rewarded for providing security. The payout is determined by the locked total value (TVL), the duration, and the annual percentage yield (APY). Stakeholders may get the advantages without relinquishing control.

Because of the irreplaceability of NFTs, liquidity is one of the most common issues on the blockchain. Selling is not always simple. Cryptocurrencies, unlike cash and other cryptocurrencies, are easier to trade since their prices are determined by the market. NFT staking is a system that allows owners to profit from NFTs without having to find a buyer on their own. This solves the NFT’s liquidity problem.


Accumulated $FFC tokens could be spent on:

• In-game purchases

• Fighter guilds creation or personal arena slot creation

• NFT mints and secondary market purchases

• Special rewards for accumulating milestone amount of tokens. Examples: 3D fighter OBJ file, limited merchandise, 3D figures

E-sports and betting system

Gaming is the fastest-growing type of entertainment in the world, with annual revenue increases of more than 9%. By 2022, the worldwide video game market is anticipated to be worth more than $190 billion. Esports sales were $856 million in 2018, according to Newzoo, and are predicted to reach $1.79 billion by 2022.

Media rights, merchandise and ticket sales, advertising, sponsorship, and game publisher fees are all included in these figures. We feel that the potential set linked with esports is far greater and more difficult to assess at Final Fighters.


For players: Personal or team sponsorship; Fighters and personal arena copyrights monetization; Advertisement via events and players individual live-streaming; Selling merchandise with personal Fighter copyrights; Winning bets; Winning tournament prices.


For platform: Virtual event tickets sales, advertising, game maker- IP fees, merchandise, bookmaker vig collection, transaction fee collection, increased player base and sales.


Betting system: A commission on losing bets, known as vig or vigorish, is the cut or amount charged by a bookmaker for accepting a bet.

Bookmakers (platform) have no control over the outcome of events, but they do have control over how much money they stand to make or lose on any given outcome. They set the odds for all of the wagers they place, allowing them to make a profit.  The odds provided by bookmakers are not exact.

Let’s use the example of a coin toss. Getting heads or tails is a 50/50 chance. So, if a person bets $10 on heads, the best-case scenario is that they will win $19 instead of $20. Final Fighters would count that $1 vig as revenue or profit as bookmakers.

NFT Breeding

When you hear the phrase “breeding,” chances are you first think of NSFW notions. However, the carefully designed Smart contracts allow NFTs to “breed” and this way create new NFTs. 


With the introduction of the Female collection – Final Mistresses, our Fighters NFT verse have a chance to rebuild humanity and become stronger in numbers. 


NFT holders from both collections (Fighters and Mistresses) will be able to “breed” their fighters, resulting in a whole new NFT collection called Junior Fighters (TBD). To “breed” a Junior Fighter, a collector will require 1 Final Fighter and 1 Final Mistress NFT, as well as X amount(TBD) of $FFC tokens.


Junior Fighters will have the same values and features as their parents, allowing them to participate in the game. Junior Fighters will be the final Final Fighters verse collection addition, with a limited supply of 5,000 copies available (*with possibility to increase supply for additional 5,000)

. All Juniors will be randomly born in the dapp, without human involvement, making them especially unique. Juniors will be available only through “breed” and later of course in the secondary market.

Monetization example: Tournament with 8 participants

For players: 1 fighter pays 500 $FFC (~$10) entry fee. 8 participants together create a pool of $80 total winnings. 

1st place gets $64 and 2nd place gets $16, the rest of the fighters are losing, as tournament had only 8 entrants.

For platform: Transaction fee collection: 4000 $FFC x 0.5% = 20 $FFC = $0.40

Betting vigorish collection: Imagine that a total of 14 bets happened during the tournament. As per previous explanation in “E-sports and betting system”, Final Fighters as a bookmaker would have collected $7 vigorish.

Advertisement during fights: Should yield additional $0,10-0,20, of course that depends on many factors. Could be less or more.

Final Fighters platform potentially can earn $7.50 per 1 tournament fight, holding only 8 participants. Shortly, almost $1 per fight.

NFT implementation

Both, Final Fighters Genesis and Exodus will operate on the ERC-721a Ethereum smart contract.


We went with this standard because all of our NFTs are 1/1 unique tokens with unique combinations of traits. The Ethereum network, which is supported by the majority of mainstream Crypto wallets, is the most well-known blockchain for NFTs and collection display. ERC-721a is innovative smart contract allowing us to drastically reduce transaction fees and improve speeds.  

While developing on Ethereum blockchain, most calculations and game elements, will be developed off-chain, using decentralized programs (dApps) with enhanced security, scalability, and performance. Reducing Ethereum’s network load is one of the key elements, to provide seemless real-time game speed and cheaper entry point to play the game.


This allows us to provide a better user experience while also being more welcoming to players that are both veterans and new to the NFT ecosystem. Moreover, this approach should yield interesting results, allowing us to offer better GAS (Transaction) fees, while still being on Ethereum’s network.


NFT items/cosmetics:

• Battle intro animations, available in lobby and before battle start.

• Character stats/ranking frames around NFT image.

• Finishing move animations.

• Taunt movements / animations / emoji.

• NFT marketplace.


Fighter guilds creation:

• Fee to create a professional team with personal chat and training grounds.


Personal arena slot (slowly moving towards metaverse creation):

• In later stages external developers/companies will have a possibility to create their own 3D arenas, allowing them to monetize through advertisement and holding battles in it.

Players will be able to use both melee and ranged attacks in this game. Each Final Fighter will be allocated three skills, which will only be disclosed after obtaining a Final Fighter NFT.


Final Fighters features 72 separate skills that are allocated to each fighter at random. Every Final Fighter will have a skill in each of the three categories: basic, ultimate, and defence / escape. Mana Points (MP) will be required for each skill. MP will replenish on its own when a certain amount of time has passed. The movement system in the Final Fighters game will allow players to move up, down, left, and right. The game will have three action buttons: Attack (A), Block (B), and Jump (J), as well as mobility in all four directions.


The following are the most important aspects that will determine the result of a battle in equal measure:

1. Your performance in the game.

2. Correlation of elements. In other words, the game will discern between various elements that will have an impact on attack interaction. Water attacks, for example, will be more effective against fire attacks, and so on. The element correlation is shown below.


Please keep in mind that the light and dark elements will be greater than the four primary elements (fire, earth, thunder, and water), but they will be neutral to one another (no additional damage).

The “Game Economy Boost system” will increase the number of users while keeping the Genesis Final Fighters collection valuable. The price of $FFC tokens and demand for Final Fighters will rise as the user-base grows. 

Since our game is a real-time fighting game with player input, it is far more complex and requires significantly more backend processing than, say, turn based games. This means that running the entire game on-chain without considerable slowness and impact on gameplay experience is impossible; we’re talking about the blockchain trilemma of decentralization, scalability, and security.


As game developers, we want to give a better gaming experience, thus we sacrifice decentralization in favor of speed. Off-chain gaming logic and computations are performed before being uploaded to record the outcome. Because data sync will be done with asynchronous operations, the game will be fluid and transaction wait times will be minimal.

Storing the battle calculation and logic off-chain also gives us a lot more flexibility for future updates so that we can continue to improve the game over the long term, for example we will be able to receive feedback and allow votes to change in-game logic and balance the game.

Running on ERC721a we have reduced gas fees almost ~ 80%, which will make game more approachable for everyone.

Long term vision:

Final Fighters team will never stop improving and developing the game.

Finishing roadmap v1 means that we will keep on building everything around the current foundation, as the long-term vision is to create a small metaverse.

Inside of Final Fighters metaverse you could see:

•Fighters networking spaces;

•Masterclasses and tutoring spaces;

•News and advices;

•Influencer spaces;

•Land creation and monetization with other companies/partners;

•More gameplay options: Racing, Football, Basketball, and any other game, which could utilize our game logic and fighter skills.


December 2021 (Done)

  • Introduction of the Finalfighters.com website;
  • Whitepaper;
  • Team & Story prologue behind the project;
  • Sneak peek of NFT avatars;
  • Rarity chart;
  • Community building;
  • Social & Marketing;
  • Secret scenes of Final Fighters NFT creation.

January 2022 (Done)

  • Tons of giveaways & raffles for the community;
  • Genesis Collection launch – Final fighters 10,000 Playable Characters.

February 2022 (Done)

  • Metamask website integration;
  • Bought NFTs skill reveal.
  • Sale date announcement!

March 2022

  • Video of the game demo; (Game idea presented – Done);
  • Free NFT masterclass lecture introduction, full NFT masterclass for holders;
  • NFT masterclasses for holders will be released every two weeks, with one lesson released each time (In progress, 5 episodes done).

April 2022

  • A new collection of Female Fighters (Exodus collection) will be drafted (Done);
  • New illustrations creation for the website to support both collections (Done).

May 2022

  • Female fighters (Exodus 10k collection) ERC721a smart contract on Ethereum’s blockchain;
  • Male Fighters (Genesis 10k collection) redeploying on ERC721a smart contract on Ethereum’s blockchain;
  • Updated website release, hosting both Genesis and Exodus collections.

August 2022

  • My.finalfighters.com dAPP remake, together with staking game and PFP generator/character download;
  • Gathering liquidity for $FFC (Final Fighters coin);
  • Release of $FFC and token accumulation begins;
  • Creating DAO’s; Distributing $FFC for further development and improvements;
  • Part of earned profits will be donated to a charity that will be selected in the community vote.

September 2022

  • Final Fighters Alpha Access will be released;
  • Feedback review and major bug fixes;
  • First free-to-play Tournaments. The number of genesis holders will get access to test new mode performance;
  • Test spectator mode and live-streaming available.

December 2022

  • Full game release for everyone. $FFC distribution to all holders;
  • Weekly tournaments with a lower ETH prize will be hosted for selected participants;
  • Spectator mode and live-streaming available;
  • Esports – bets system, working towards legal documentation.

January 2023

  • Feedback review and major bug fixes;
  • New game modes introduction;
  • Launch of Final Fighters PvP Money Prize Tournaments;
  • DAO’s new ideas implementation;
  • Possibility to bet on other fights (only a vision for the moment);
  • The regular release of new in-game NFT Content.


Disclaimer: Planned dates may change due to game development. Please support and understand that game creation is a huge feat to pull. Roadmap serves more as a vision for our upcoming plans.

Final Fighters coin (later $FFC) token is utility-based and used for multiple actions. $FFC token will be utilized for in-game purchases, rewards, staking, fees, and governance (DAOs).  


A total of 500,000,000 tokens will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain, using ERC-20 standard.


Final Fighters franchise also has two NFT token collections, both having a 10,000 supply. The third collection, of Junior Fighters, is also planned, creating a total of up-to 25,000-30,000 avatar/fighter NFTs. Both Genesis and Exodus collections are on Ethereum’s ERC-721a smart contracts, Junior Fighters will be created on Ethereum ERC-721a, all tokens will be used inside of the game.


We chose this approach to create an effective decentralized game ecosystem, allowing us to have fast transactions and low transaction fees.

Token Utility Workflow

1.  Please read the main token utility on P2E/PVP monetization explanation tab.

2. Governance/DAO. Token holders will get a chance to participate in voting for game development and improvement questions for $FFC rewards. A quadratic voting system will be implemented, it reduces the superiority of wealthy participants in the system and allows more even voting results.

3. Higher token holdings unlock a special perk: a discount on transaction fees in the marketplace and gameplay.

Token objectives

1. Capped sale, to Raise $1 020 000,00 — the major goal of the $FFC token sale is to raise funds to build a game and advertise it to a larger audience. 

2. Sell a percentage of the total token supply.

3. Distribute tokens broadly to attract as many buyers as possible while avoiding market manipulation. 

4. Ensure that the token price grows steadily in the short, medium, and long term after the launch.

Deflationary token model

The token supply in the deflationary model only decreases over time, thus increasing tokens’ value over time.

As only a total of 500,000,000 tokens will be minted, the token burning mechanism will assure a token value increase. Final Fighters will be buying back and burning tokens once in a while, this way creating deflationary token model.

Please note:

That the team is still working on full tokenomics; our economist is modeling it, and we are researching and consulting a number of experts and people with experience in the sector to get it right – and this process will take weeks. The total number of tokens available and the amount that will be in circulation have yet to be determined.

Tokenomics V1.0

Please note:

That the team is still working on full tokenomics; our economist is modeling it, and we are researching and consulting a number of experts and people with experience in the sector to get it right – and this process will take weeks. The total number of tokens available and the amount that will be in circulation have yet to be determined.

Final Fighters was originally planned to be a 2D game, but we recognized during production that a 3D game would be more efficient and stunning, thus these 2D game demo videos should only be seen as a preview of the future 3D game.

Creating 3D Fighter models and environments opens up new options for collaboration with other projects and metaverses, as well as laying the groundwork for our long-term vision of Final Fighters metaverse possibilities.

1vs1 Demo Showcase

2vs2 Demo Showcase

3vs3 Demo Showcase

4vs4 Demo Showcase

Basic ability, ultimate ability, and defense/escape ability will be provided to Final Fighters.


Visit http://my.finalfighters.com to see what skills have been assigned to the character. You’ll be prompted to verify with Metamask wallet; once you’ve done so, you’ll see a pop-up with three skills allocated to your Final Fighter. There is no way to change already assigned skills because they are not interchangeable.


All skills will be assigned using a randomized procedure, which means that each of the three abilities may be assigned to a different element. Ability categories cannot overlap, so every Fighter will have a basic, ultimate, and escape/defense ability.


Skills will be hidden from the general public and will remain hidden for a variety of reasons: first, we believe that part of the enjoyment is figuring out what abilities are assigned; second, we do not want our game to become pay-to-win, leaving some of the Final Fighters in the shadows and forgotten. In the Final Fighters verse, displaying all skills would create imbalance.


Some Final Fighters will become Master Final Fighters after mint-out. Let’s say one of the Final Fighters you minted has these skills: Lightning Arrow, Healing Herb, Water Wave. If this Final Fighter turns out to be Master, one of these skills will receive a powerful boost. More damaging Lightning Arrow? Water Wave that takes 15% less Mana? Or Healing Herb that heals more efficiently? That is also decided randomly upon revealing the Masters.


Only two skills will be allocated to default fighters: basic skill and defense skill. All of the default Fighters will have the same appearance and skills.

Every Final Fighter will be a NFT and trackable on the blockchain. We encourage to use default Final Fighters only to test our game performance. Full game experience can be achieved only with Final Fighters.

All possible skills are displayed below:

1. Fireball (Fire Basic)

Shoot fire projectile which flies across arena

2. Phoenix Flower (Fire Basic)

Shoots 3 small fire projectile

3. Fire breath (Fire Basic)

Caster stands still and breaths out fire wave

4. Fire arrow (Fire Basic)

Caster draws elemental bow and shoots arrow

5. Blue flame fireball (Fire Basic)

Shoot blue fire projectile which flies across arena and deals damage

6. Burning hole (Fire Basic)

Opens up a ground and flames emerge for a period of time

7. Fire whip (Fire Defence)

Throws fire whip around caster, briefly knocking away all enemies that are hit

8. Fire clone (Fire Defence)

Creates a fire clone which slowly moves towards enemies. On collision with enemies clone creates small explosion and burns enemies

9. Firewall (Fire Defence)

Creates a firewall which burns for a longer period of time, might be used as defence ability

10. Fire Cannon (Fire Ultimate)

Spawn fire like cannon which stays in place and shoots a fireball each second

11. Big Bang (Fire Ultimate)

Bigger explosion than average ability - which explodes in some distance from caster

12. Fire Nova (Fire Ultimate)

Fire tornado alike which burns for a prolonged period of time

13. Icicle (Ice/Water Basic)

Shot ice projectile which flies across arena

14. Water arrow (Ice/Water Basic)

Caster draws elemental bow and shoots arrow

15. Water blast (Ice/Water Basic)

Blasts water stream from caster hands, briefly knocking enemies and dealing damage

16. Water whip (Ice/Water Defence)

Throws water whip around caster, briefly knocking away all enemies that are hit

17. Water Bubble (Ice/Water Basic)

Shoots a water bubble in front of a caster - bubble inflicts damage and traps opponents for a brief moment

18. Water clone (Ice/Water Defence)

Creates a water clone which slowly moves towards enemies. On collision with enemies clone creates water bubble trapping enemies inside

19. Pillar of Ice (Ice/Water Defence)

Spawns impassable pillar of ice which absorbs 1 opponent ability

20. Icicle rain (Ice/Water Basic)

Shoots 3 small icicles which slows enemies

21. Ice wall (Ice/Water Defence)

Creates an icewall which stays for a longer period of time, might be used as defence ability

22. Freeze (Ice/Water Ultimate)

Fully freezes enemy for 3 sec and dealing damage. Completely frozen enemies cant move or cast spells

23. Water wave (Ice/Water Ultimate)

Big water wave moving in one direction, knocking up enemies and inflicting damage

24. Giant Freeze(Ice/Water Ultimate)

Frezees everything around in some pre-designed area around character.Opponents gets stun (freezes for some time)

25. Bolt (Lightning Basic)

Shoots electric projectile which flies across arena

26. Green Bolt (Lightning Basic)

Shoots green electric projectile which flies across arena

27. Lightning whip (Lightning defence)

Throws lightning whip around caster, briefly knocking away all enemies that are hit

28. Lightning Clone (Lightning Defence)

Creates a lightining clone which slowly moves towards enemies. On collision with enemies clone electrocute enemies and stuns them

29. Lightning Arrow (Lightning Basic)

Caster draws elemental bow and shoots arrow

30. Electric shock (Lightning Basic)

Blasting electricity for period of time in pre designed area - similar to fire breath

31. Lightning Teleportation (Lightning Defence)

Teleports away from enemies leaving trap behind

32. Electrocute (Lightning defence)

Caster creates electric field around. Electrocuting all enemies in it and stunning for brief period of time

33. Electric trap (Lightning Defence)

Leaves a trap on the ground - which is slightly visible. Opponent gets stun

34. Storm cloud (Lightning Ultimate)

Caster spawns storm cloud for 5 sec. Storm cloud hits enemies with lightining. Enemies can be hit only once

35. Giant thunder strike (Lightning Ultimate)

Giant thunder strikes from the sky

36. Plasma (Lightning Ultimate)

Shoots plasma beam (like Kamehameha) dealing electrical damage

37. Boulder attack (Earth basic)

Shoots mud/rock projectile which flies across arena

38. Mud wall (Earth Defence)

Creates an mud wall which stays for a longer period of time, might be used as defence ability

39. Biohazard swamp (Earth Basic)

Creates a swamp which slows enemies and deals damage

40. Seed spawn (Earth Basic)

Spawns a plant like creature for 5 sec which shoots projectiles every second dealing damage

41. Mud shot (Earth Basic)

Caster draws elemental bow and shoots mud

42. Roots whip (Earth Defence)

Throws whip around caster, briefly knocking away all enemies that are hit

43. Slowing seed spawn (Earth Basic)

Spawns a plant like creature for 5 sec which shoots projectiles every second dealing damage and slowing enemies

44. Meteorite (Earth Ultimate)

Giant meteorite strikes from sky dealing damage to all nearby enemies

45. Earth Dome (Earth Ultimate Defence)

Surrounds caster with earth dome which protects caster from any attack

46. Healing herb (Earth Defence)

Spawn and eat restorative herb, restoring your health by 10 points

47. Sand Coffin (Earth Ultimate)

Catches enemies into sand prison dealing huge amount of damage

48. Fist of the damned (Darkness Basic)

You hit your oponent with such force that it does an additional damage

49. Shadow clone (Darkness Ultimate)

Create a shadow that will copy your actions (including spells) for 5 seconds

50. Come to the dark side (Darkness Defence)

You seduce your enemy, preventing it from casting any spells for 3 seconds

51. Shadow whip (Darkness Defence)

Throws shadow whip around caster, briefly knocking away all enemies that are hit

52. Shadow Arrow (Darkness Basic)

Caster draws elemental bow and shoots arrow

53. Night sky (Darkness Ultimate)

You create a shroud of darkness around the battlefield, damaging all enemy fighters for 1 damage every 2 second until the end of battle

54. Shadowstorm (Darkness Ultimate)

Cover yourself in dark souls that hit nearby enemies for 3 seconds

55. Shadow ball (Darkness Basic)

A ball of shadow energy that flies across arena

56. Shadow mist (Darkness Basic)

An area-targeted pool of dark energy that burns enemies who stand in it

57. Wall of darkness (Darkness Defence)

Create an impassable wall for a brief moment

58. Shadow armor (Darkness Ultimate)

Become immune to damage for 1 second

59. Lunar eclipse (Darkness Ultimate)

A beam of lunar energy crashes on to the battlefield in a targeted area dealing damage and hindering the movement of struck foes for a brief moment

60. Light wave (Light Basic)

You launch a wave of holy light in a straight line, that travels across the battle field and damages every enemy it passes trough

61. Hand of god (Light Ultimate)

You smash the ground with the power of light damaging enemies around you for 15 damage and healing allied fighters for 10 points

62. Healing ray (Light Defence)

Bright sun ray infuses you, healing for 10HP

63. Hoola-hoop (Light Ultimate)

You spin around with such force, that it damages all enemies around you for 15 points of damage

64. Solarian shuffle (Light Ultimate)

You perform three rapid attacks on your enemy, each dealing 10 damage, and the final one stunning enemy for 1 second

65. Arrow of Light (Light Basic)

Caster draws elemental bow and shoots arrow

66. Light whip (Light Defence)

Throws light whip around caster, briefly knocking away all enemies that are hit

67. Sunburn (Light Basic)

Shoot a beam of light at your foes burning them

68. Fist of heavens (Light Basic)

Infuse your fists to do an additional 2 damage per hit to the enemy

69. Flash (Light Defence)

Teleports you away from enemies

70. Blinding light (Light Defence)

Blind all enemies in front of you with dazzling attitude making them miss 1 attack

71. Meltdown (Light Ultimate)

Cause the targeted portion of battlefield to become extra hot , burning all enemies for 3 seconds

72. Solar eclipse (Light Ultimate)

Sun burns ALL enemies on the battlefield

We now have a variety of environment arenas in place that have no effect on Final Fighters or their abilities. Additional features and environmental impacts may be introduced as the game develops, but this is not guaranteed. 


The current Arena designs:

Forest Arena:

Mountain Graveyard Arena:
Rural City Skyline Arena:
Underground bar Arena:

During the matches couple of random weapons may spawn, which will provide slight advantage for a brief amount of time or several attacks. Possible weapon spawn can be seen in the table below:


Weapon name: Boulder

DurationBoulder will be destroyed after 1 throw

Damage: -10 HP


Weapon name: Sword

DurationSword will be destroyed after 3 landed attacks with it

Damage: 3 attacks each dealing -3 HP. 9 HP max damage.

Final Verse Staking Whitepaper

Genesis and Exodus Fighters are attempting to restore a healthy society after the tragic events of the Final Verse. For the same reason, several roles were established to ensure that everything was in functioning order; nevertheless, there is always a negative side to the coin, and crime rates began to rise, as did the number of corrupt politicians. To counteract this, Exodus Fighters devised additional features to combat illicit conduct.

Both sides did not forget the past events and continue to improve their martial arts skills, which may be required at any given moment. 

Staking Hierarchy

1. Genesis Fighters are working and getting paid from staking pool.

2. Exodus Fighters are working as a police/tax collectors and are getting revenue from Genesis Fighters (15-100% of Genesis Revenue) and stacking pool.

3. Junior Fighters are getting allowance from Genesis and Exodus Fighters (10% of their income).


Genesis Fighters:

– Martial arts training (no risk, very low income)

– Office Worker (low risk low income)

– Politician (medium risk medium income)

– Crime lord (high reward high risk) 


Exodus Fighters:

– Martial arts training (no risk, very low income)

– Tax collector (low risk, low income)

– Police officer (medium risk, medium income)

– FBI (high risk, high income)


Junior Fighters:

– Are like kids getting allowance from parents. Junior Fighters Will be getting allowance from their breeders (parents). No risk and low income if parents are working. 

Genesis Staking

Genesis Fighters will be rewarded from staking pool depending on the job (function) they have decided to stake. 


Martial arts training is lowest rewarded staking option, but it involves 0 risk. Martial arts training will be rewarded with 1 FFC everyday with no increase. Genesis Fighters and Exodus Fighters can practice martial arts. 


Possible rewards:

Min (1 day (full 24 hours turn-around):   1 FFC reward – 0% income tax = 1FFC

Max (5 day (full 24 hours turn-around): 5 FFC reward – 0% income tax = 5FFC


Office workers will be rewarded starting with 1 FFC per day and increasing by 1FFC each day. On day 5 Fighter will be rewarded with 5 FFC. As Office workers are fair and they do pay taxes Tax collectors will take 15% of coins made as income Tax and the end of staking period. It doesn’t matter how long stacking will be in progress. For e.g., after 3 days Fighter will have 6 FFC so Exodus Fighters will collect 0.9 FFC. Therefore, sometimes in rare occasions Fighters will forget to pay their taxes, in that case Exodus Fighters will collect 40% of revenue on the next check (15% current tax, 15% previous pay period taxes, 10% fine) 


Possible rewards:

Min (1 day (full 24 hours turn-around):   1FFC reward – 15% tax = 0.85 FFC

Max (5 day (full 24 hours turn-around): 15FFC reward – 15% tax = 12.75 FFC


Politicians will be rewarded with 2 FFC and increasing by 2 every day. On day 5 Politician will be rewarded with 10 FFC. Politicians are also paying taxes as Office workers so Tax Collector Exodus Fighters will be collecting 15% of the revenue made. Therefore, some politicians might be taking bribes. In case of bribery politicians will be checked by the police officers – if bribery will be confirmed politician will be fined with 70% of the revenue. 

Bribes will be generated with random algorithm which will add odd number for e.g., 1FFC, 3FF. So once police officer checks balance and it is an odd number – politician will be fined. As it is impossible to have odd number of coins while getting paid in increments of 2. 

Politicians will be checked by police officers once per staking period. 


Possible rewards:

Min (1 day (full 24 hours turn-around):   2FFC reward – 15% tax = 1.7 FFC

Max (5 day (full 24 hours turn-around): 30FFC reward – 15% tax = 25.5 FFC

With bribe at 5 days: 25,5 FFC Reward after taxes + 3 FFC bribe = 28,5 FFC

With bribe at 5 days and police raid: 28,5FFC – 70% fine = 8,55FFC


Crime Lords will be earning 3 FFC and increasing by 3 every day. On day 5 crime lord will receive 15 FFC. Crime lords are paying taxes on the same pay level as office workers to lower the suspicion (paying 15% from 1FFC per day increasing by 1 each day). Therefore, crime lords have FBI investigating them. Once FBI agent checks balance and confirms that it is higher than tax payable amount, they will take 100% of the income. FBI agent raids will be done once per 3 days. Raids are going to appear in random patterns. 


Possible rewards:

Min (1 day (full 24 hours turn-around):   3FFC reward – 15% tax (from 1 FFC) = 2.75 FFC

Max (5 day (full 24 hours turn-around): 45FFC reward – 15% tax (from 15 FFC) = 42,75 FFC

After 5 days and FBI raid: 45FFC reward – 100% confiscated = 0 FFC


Overview of all Genesis Fighters functions: 

Exodus Staking

Tax collectors will be rewarded with 0.7FFC increasing by 0.7 everyday plus tax collected from Office workers. Tax collectors will go through Office workers and will collect tax payments which will be granted as rewards. As long as there is Office workers Exodus Fighters will be getting paid. But, of course in tough times – there might be nothing to collect. 

In cases where tax collectors will get increased payments (when Office workers forget to pay taxes) reward will be equal to 30%. 10% fine will be sent back to stacking pool. Additional rewards should occur very rarely as Office workers are fair people.


Possible rewards:

Min (1 day (full 24 hours turn-around):   0.7 FFC reward + 15% tax collected = 0.85 FFC

Max (5 day (full 24 hours turn-around): 10.5 FFC reward + 15% tax collected = 12.75 FFC


Police Officers will be rewarded with 0,5FFC increasing by 0.5 every day. 10% from regular taxes collected and additional compensation when corrupt politician will get caught. Police Officers will be checking in the Politicians and will be collecting taxes from them, occasionally police officers will check balances to ensure that no funny business is happening. If bribe is detected (odd number of $FFC found in the politicians staking account) 70% of the politician revenue will be taken away. Police officers will be getting 50% of the confiscated coins as compensation. Leftover 10% will return to the staking pool. However, not every politician is corrupted! 


Possible rewards:

Min (1 day (full 24 hours turn-around):   0.5 FFC reward + 10% tax = 0.7 FFC

Max (5 day (full 24 hours turn-around): 7,5 FFC reward + 10% tax = 10.5 FFC

At 5 days with corrupt politician caught: 10,5 FFC reward + 50% revenue confiscated (9,975FFC) = 20.475 FFC


FBI agents will be getting 0,25FFC increasing by 0.25 every day, 5% of the taxes collected from Crime Lords and additional 70% compensation when Crime Lords will be arrested. 25% leftover will be returned to the staking pool. Please note that Crime Lords are usually arrested meaning high compensation is almost guaranteed, however at some point there might be no one to arrest.


Possible rewards:

Min (1 day (full 24 hours turn-around):   0.25 FFC reward + 5% tax = 0.3 FFC

Max (5 day (full 24 hours turn-around): 3.75 FFC reward + 5% tax = 4.5 FFC

At 5 days with crime lord caught: 4.5 FFC reward + 70% revenue confiscated (31.5 FFC) = 36 FFC


Overview of all Exodus Fighters functions: 

Potential losses of Exodus Fighters are calculated by comparing guaranteed rewards. 


For e.g., Tax collectors have guaranteed 12.75 FFC reward after full staking period meanwhile FBI agent has 4.5 FFC guaranteed reward which is 65% lower than Tax collector. 

Junior Fighters Staking

Junior Fighters will be getting allowance from their breeders(parents) which is equal to the 10% of the income. Junior Fighters won’t be allowed to work or train as they are too young. In case of Junior Fighters sale new owner will be awarded with the coins.


Possible rewards:

Min (1 day (full 24 hours turn-around): 0.085 FFC (10%) reward from Office worker + 0.085 FFC (10%) reward from Tax collector = 0.17 FFC

Max (5 day (full 24 hours turn-around): 4.275 FFC (10%) reward from Crime Lord + 3.6 FFC (10%) from FBI agent = 7.875 FFC


Overview of Junior functions: 


Final Fighters is a network of digital artworks (NFTs) that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Users are solely responsible for the security and administration of their own private wallets, as well as confirming and approving any transactions and contracts made through this website. There is also no way to cancel, reverse, or recover any transactions because the Final Fighters smart contract operates on the Ethereum network.

This website and its related services are offered “as is” and “as available,” with no warranties expressed or implied. You assume entire responsibility for any and all transactions with Final Fighters digital collectibles by using this website.


i. You are the only owner of the NFT. On the Ethereum network, each Final Fighter is an NFT. When you buy an NFT, you have entire ownership of the underlying Final Fighter, the Art. The ownership of the NFT is wholly mediated by the Ethereum Network and the Smart Contract: we will never be able to seize, freeze, or otherwise change the ownership of any Final Fighter.

ii. Personal Use. Final Fighters offers you a worldwide, right to use, copy, and display the bought Art, together with any additions you choose to produce or use, only for the following reasons, subject to your continuous compliance with these Terms: (i) for your own personal, non-commercial use; (ii) as part of a marketplace that allows the purchase and sale of your Final Fighter / NFT, provided that the marketplace cryptographically verifies each Final Fighters owner’s rights to display the Art for their Final Fighter to ensure that only the actual owner can display the Art; or (iii) as part of a third-party website or application that allows your Final Fighter to be included, involved, or participated in, provided that the website/application cryptographically verifies each Final Fighter owner’s right to display the Art for their Final Fighter to ensure that only the actual owner can display the Art, and provided that the Art is no longer visible once the owner of the Final Fighter leaves the website/application.

iii. Commercial Use. Final Fighters offers you an unlimited, worldwide license to use, duplicate, and display the acquired Art for the purpose of developing derivative works based on the Art (“Commercial Use”), provided you continue to comply with these Terms. Use of the Art to make and sell goods products (T-Shirts, etc.) exhibiting replicas of the Art is an example of such Commercial Use. Nothing in this Section will be construed to prevent you from owning or operating a marketplace that allows the use and sale of Final Fighters in general, provided that the marketplace cryptographically verifies each Final Fighters owner’s rights to display the Art for their Final Fighters to ensure that only the actual owner can display the Art; or (ii) owning or operating a marketplace that allows the use and sale of Final Fighters in particular, provided that the marketplace cryptographically verifies each Final Fighters; (ii) owning or operating a third-party website or application that allows the inclusion, involvement, or participation of Final Fighters in general, provided that the third-party website or application cryptographically verifies each Final Fighters owner’s right to display the Art for their Final Fighters to ensure that only the actual owner can view the Art, and provided that the Art is no longer visible once the owner of the Purchased Final Fighters leaves the webs.

clusion, involvement, or participation of Final Fighters in general, provided that the third-party website or application cryptographically verifies each Final Fighters owner’s right to display the Art for their Final Fighters to ensure that only the actual owner can view the Art, and provided that the Art is no longer visible once the owner of the Purchased Final Fighters leaves the webs.